100% European product

What makes Nordmast OÜ special and gives us an advantage is the fact that our products are of high quality, made with high quality components. We use raw materials from world leading producers and high quality accessories, produced in Sweden.

Not a single component from Asia!


Thanks to this we offer super long warranty terms:

25 years for glassfiber flagpole

5 years for all accessories

Glassfiber flagpoles

We produce flagpoles from 6 m to 12 m.

Technical data

Standard set contains:


Internal halyards
  • Internal halyard with crank
  • Internal halyard with locking cover
Steelbase cover
  • Glassfiber steelbase cover

Cover color according to the color of flagpole

Colored flagpoles

We can produce flagpoles of any color according to RAL color chart.


Rotating arms

  • Pointer Banner Bar

Stationary rotating arm functioning on two ball bearings

  • Spider Banner Lift

Rotating arm, raised and lowered with halyard

Extreme height flagpoles

Picture. Highest in Finland flagpole (40 m), produced by our Finnish partners

In cooperation with our Finnish partners we offer a wide range of super high flagpoles:

  • Aluminium sectional flagpoles up to 30 m
  • Stainless steel flagpoles up to 40 m
  • Iron flagpoles up to 100 m